Nashville On CMT – A New Season January 2017

Back in the spring, it was announced that Nashville was ending.  ABC had cancelled an amazing show again, leaving fans devastated. After seeing the ending, I knew the show would be back.  They had 2 different endings planned. One with closure and one that left us hanging. I was sure either Netflix or CMT would pick it up and it would return. A few months after the finale, it was announced we would see Nashville on CMT.

Nashville on CMT

Nashville on CMT

The series is set in Nashville, Tennesse, the heart of country music scene. Rayna Jaymes(Connie Britton) and Juliette Barnes(Hayden Panettiere) personal and professional lives have many challenges. Family, friendships and musical careers are challenged. Sometimes the pressure is too much to handle, accidents happen and lies are told. (makes the perfect song) Life is never the same in Nashville, with a love-hate feeling for many characters.

Tune in for the fabulous voices of Maddie and Daphne (Lennon and Maisy Stella) 2 sisters originally from Oshawa, Canada who now reside in Nashville.When they sing, I get chills, I just love their voices.  Listen here on YouTube.

Nashville on CMT

When season 4 ended, we were left wondering. What will happen to Juliette in the plane crash and will her and Avery get back together?  Will Gunnar and Scarlett finally make it work? Will Maddie return home for good? So many storylines I can’t wait for, how about you?

Last week I woke up to a surprise. CMT gave us viewers a sneak peak before the 2-hour premiere on January 5, 2017. A few of my questions were answered, but my lips are sealed. While not everything was revealed in the sneak peak, I am sure it will be on Thursday.

Christmas Eve, we started a Nashville marathon to get us through the holidays and right into the new season.  If you haven’t checked out this show, tune in on Netflix and catch up before the 5th season begins. You won’t be disappointed. Tissues are a must.




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