Let the Blogathon Weekend Begin!

When our days are busy and full, sometimes we neglect the small things that need to be taken care of. We put these items on our to-do lists and hope we have time to get to them. I joined the Biannual Blogathon Bash with some of my fellow blogging friends, as I have in the past to complete tasks and make more dents in the work I have to do on my blog. Let the Blogathon weekend begin.

Blogathon Weekend

This weekend happens twice a year. It gives us bloggers a chance to ask questions, join twitter parties and have fun while getting the work complete. I will be focusing on the blog and not my family, even though they are just a chair away.  Hopefully, the rain lets up and they can go out and I will have the space I need to really focus.

 To-Do List

I have an ongoing list that I work from but sometimes life happens and I don’t get what I need to be done. Below are a few items I will be tackling this weekend.

  • Updating pictures
  • removing old links
  • finishing media kit
  • finishing off draft posts
  • organizing desk and workspace
  • fix SEO on old posts

Blogathon Weekend

There is so much more on my list but these are the ones I really want to focus on.

Sign up for the Blogathon Bash and join some other bloggers for questions and connections.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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4 Responses to Let the Blogathon Weekend Begin!

  1. Thanks for joining us and I hope you get to some of your goals.
    Kathleen Bailey recently posted…How to Easily Make VideosMy Profile

  2. It is nice to see you. I like the theme of your blog.
    I hope that you get everything accomplished on your to-do list. My to-do list is pretty long too, but hopefully, it will get done. At least a good chunk of it will get knocked off my to-do list.

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