Facing Fears at Reptilia Zoo – Grade 1 Class Trip

One day last week my daughter came home and asked me to be a volunteer on a school trip. I said yes, of course, I would. It has been a while since I went on a trip with the school. Then she continued the conversation about the trip and how she knows I don’t like snakes. Wait, Where are we going. She continued about how we would have the best time at the Reptilia Zoo. What was I getting myself into? I don’t like snakes, they creep me out and here I was going on a class trip where it would be impossible to avoid them.

Reptilia Zoo

Reptilia Zoo

The day began in the classroom at the zoo. We learned about different reptiles, to help support the Science Unit on Life Systems. Turtles and lizards need a diaper on when you are holding them. Accidents can happen at any time and I am so glad I was at the back and not the front row. Not all snakes are venomous to people, just their prey. We were able to pet all these animals but the tarantula. No, I did not touch a snake. I could not look at it close up. Oh yes, and my daughter told the entire class that mama doesn’t like snakes. The questions began!

Reptilia Zoo

It was finally time to wander through the zoo and visit the reptiles behind the glass. Yes, facing my fears in the front of children. How was I going to do that? Not only do I not like snakes but spiders as well and of course, there were spiders. I didn’t want them to be scared, although some already were from my observance in the classroom. I figured if I kept my eye on the kids and took pictures it would keep my mind off the fact that I was utterly crept out.

Reptilia Zoo Tour

Alligator Snapping Turtle Reptilia Zoo

Walking through the zoo gave me that eerie feeling that I was being watched, I was the prey and could be attacked at any moment.

Reptilia Zoo

I see you

To end the day we were able to watch a quail being fed to a snake.


If you have kids who love reptiles and want to learn all about them, this is a great place to take them. Check out the website for more details. They have feeding days and times for the reptiles.

This guy below was fed a goat on June 17.

I faced my fears by going to Reptilia, I still don’t like slithering snakes and I don’t think I ever will. No one would have known I was freaked out being there. I did it for the grade 1 class. I showed no fear and they seemed to have no fear. It was a day of learning and fun for the kids.


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