Music Through the Years

Music through the years has changed, but I have always listened to the same music. Listening to music takes me to different places in time, where I first heard a certain song, who introduced me to certain bands and of course the types of music I listen too.

I was brought up listening to all music, and enjoy all types. I do have favourite songs or groups but when I listen to music it always seems to be the same. I started with of course the good old radio stations, some, I still tune into today.

Music Through the years

Growing up in the 70’s I listened to many different types of music, including disco, which was a hit when I was a kid as well as classic rock. I learned at an early age to appreciate all kinds of music and bands. I learned about folk music from my grade 6 teacher, who would bring his guitar and we would learn different folk songs and music from the 60’s. I was introduced to The Beatles by my cousin, who had just about every album. My parents listened to country and western as they called it back then and of course the old time rock from the 50’s.

My high school year’s were in the 80’s and spent listening to bands like Led Zeppelin and Ozzy. Which I can say are 2 of my favourite bands. The school seemed to be divided by music, rockers on one side, new wave on another and so on. I did listen to country, new wave and dance music, however I tended to stick with the rockers who liked to party and have fun. I kept those other bands quiet for years but now I let it all play, with no cares and people actual like most of it.

Music Through the years

Over the years we listened to music on all different types of technology. There were stereos and hi-fi’s with either an 8 track or record player. As a kid I had a little transistor radio and a portable record player, I could carry them anywhere, how cool was that? Later on there were cassettes, walkmans, cd’s and now online streaming.

Music Through the years

Mama Bears You Tube Playlist. A mix of this and a mix of that. Let me know what you think.

My top music lists are soon to be posted, if you enjoy music like I do, keep an eye out for the posts a series by Genre’s.

What genre do you listen too? Are you like me, and listen to many different ones?

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