Too Many TV Shows

What a difference 3 years can make. I have more choices of shows, old and new, I watch when I want and not by a schedule. Since my original post in 2012, we have cut the cable. We now stream online and save tons of money.

So the new TV season has begun and my addiction of great shows has returned. Each season I find at least 1 new show if not more to add to my growing list and a few have been removed due to cancellation.

Top TV shows

Before I begin talking about the new and past shows I watch, I must admit that the addiction does not just stop there. I have been watching Daytime TV since I was very young. My favourite daytime shows are of course soap operas and the one and only talk I watch is Ellen

I think I have watched Soaps for so long that I can almost predict what will happen next. I sometimes get to say to the hubby, who sometimes watches with me, “see I told you that would happen” I have watched many over the years and am now down to only three, not by choice but by cancellation.

Too Many TV shows

I watch a variety of TV shows in the evening, from sitcoms and dramas to Reality TV, all on different networks and to top it off, the same time as another. Now now one can watch more than a few shows in a night, and we most definitely cant watch 2 shows at the same time, but I can PVR, (Personal Video Recorder) and never miss a show again or catch one late night on TimeShifting channels.

Now it may sound like that is all I do is watch TV, but in reality, I watch the shows PVR’d when I am not busy with my daughter or have some spare time. I just have too many TV shows I want to check out Through out the day when I am not teaching or playing with my daughter, she has her own shows on DisneyJunior, Treehouse and NickJr.

A few of my favourite ABC shows are Once Upon a Time, Revenge, General Hospital. ABCSpark is the Canadian version of ABCFamily that has some great shows like Switched at Birth, Lying Game, and Jane By Design and more. (some of these shows aren’t even on anymore)

NBC keeps me happy with shows like Days of Our lives, Grimm and a few new sitcoms like Go On and The New Normal.

Although the CW has changed names over the years the still have a great line uo of shows for Young Adults and those who are young at Heart with shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, Hart of Dixie.

While all the above networks are the orginal networks for the above shows I still find myself turning to my local Canadian channels such as CityTV TorontoCTV Toronto or GlobalTv for the same awesome line up and are the channels I watch my Reality TV shows. I still get these channels when I stream online, I really don’t miss much, unless of course something goes wrong with the internet.

The best part of being able to PVR my shows is that if I can have my own marathon after a few recordings. Streaming is so much better than PVR, I now binge watch shows, a whole series within a few weeks, no waiting a week for the next episode to come on.. I have access in any room via my laptop, Wii or my desktop.

Too Many TV Shows

Do you use PVR? What are some of your favourite shows? Do you have cable or stream online?

I spend most of my time streaming great shows on Netflix and a few other sites.

Read more about my shows here TV Junkie

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  1. Amanda says:

    We recently just got Netflix and before that we were streaming a few shows for channels that we didn’t have. I’ve tried to get rid of my cable but because hubby is a sports freak he won’t allow it LOL.
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