Summertime TV – 2015

Summer is fast approaching and with that brings a batch of new and returning TV show for the Summertime TV, that we have been waiting to watch. I know, who watches TV in the summer when there is so much more fun things to do.

When I was growing up, there were no summertime TV shows returning, so we spent most of the time out doors. It wasn’t until about 5-10 years ago that during the summer a show we watched would have a summer special and eventually have new shows popping up during the summer. Summertime TV

There were a few shows that returned in May, such as The Bachelorette, Masterchef, Beauty and the Beast. Have you watched any of these yet? I just began the new season of Masterchef, new home cooks and a new judge.

This summer we have plans that include outings to local attractions, splash pads and maybe even a trip to the beach. When the weather is wet and we aren’t out and about around Toronto, we will be turning on the computer and stream the shows we like.

Summertime TV – June 2015

  • Pretty Little Liars June 2
  • Melissa & Joey June 3
  • Sense8 – Netflix June 5
  • The Foster’s
  • Orange is the New Black – June 12
  • Big Brother June 25
  • Under The Dome June 25
  • Rookie Blue June 25

For more summertime TV listings, check out TV Guide. July and August are on the list.

Summer’s are busy, but we do need to take some time to chill and relax. What is on your list for summertime TV?

Summertime TV

Have a Happy Sunny summer!

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