Paw Patrol Adventure Game – Family Game Night

Paw Patrol is a TV show that my daughter loves to watch. For the longest time, she referred to it as Pup Patrol, and at Christmas wanted a Paw Patrol Set, which we didn’t get. We were shopping the other day when she saw the Paw Patrol Adventure game, so we picked it up.

In the Box

6 pup movers with stands (Rocky, Chase, Zuma, Skye, Marshall, and Rubble)
30 Badge Tiles (5 of each pup)
1 game board
Paw Patrol spinner with arrow

You will have to pop out the pieces carefully and put the pups on the stands. Once you have done that you are ready to set up the game board on a table or floor, with the badge tiles beside the board.

Paw Patrol Adventure Game

Object of the game:
A race from Lookout HQ to the Mayor Statue in town. With the right badges, you can advance your way there faster with shortcuts, in the special pup vehicles. The first pup to cross the finish line wins.


How to play:

Player with the closest birthday goes first (that just happened to be our daughter)

Spin the Paw Patrol spinner, if you don’t have the badge the spinner stops on, take it from the pile of badges, then move your pup to the colour shown one the spinner. Along the path you will find shortcuts, in order to take these you again must have the right badge and then continue to the matching colour on the spinner. If you don;t have that badge, you wold continue along the path.

The first pup across the finish line is the winner, however, the game ends when all the pups have crossed the line.

Paw Patrol adventure game is for children ages 4+ and is a great way to have a night of fun, even if your child wins the game.

If yur child is a fan of Paw Patrol, there are some great activities at NickJr.

This is not a sponsored post, just a game we bought to play with our daughter.

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