Local Tourists – Out n About in Toronto

Local Tourists

My family and I travel within the city of Toronto and check out the local attractions around town. Since I live here I can go anytime to seek new adventures in this BIG City. We are the local tourists making memories in a city we love. I am a mom so I do try to find kid-friendly adventures, usually starting at a park so my daughter can play on the swings and slides. The Local Tourists When our daughter small, we would sometimes travel along some of the Toronto Bicycle paths. … Continue reading

Learning About My Ancestry

Learning about my Ancestry

In March of 1955, my father hopped on the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth ship and traveled to New York from Scotland to join his sister in Toronto. I never met his parents, my grandparents, they passed away long before I was born. Learning about my ancestry brings me closer to people I have never met or I have only seen a few times during my life. My father was the second youngest of 14 brothers and sisters. I remember when I was young he would talk about his family … Continue reading

Little House on The Prairie

Little House on The Prairie

Little House on The Prairie is based on the memoirs of Laura Ingalls Wilder, edited by her daughter Rose and published around 1932, producing 8 books in the series and a TV series from 1974-1982 airing on NBC. My admiration for Michael Landon, has made the show all the more worth while and has kept me watching many times over the years. Ok, I have to admit it was one of my favourite shows. The Ingalls Family: Charles Ingalls – Michael Landon Caroline Ingalls – Karen Grassle Mary Ingalls – … Continue reading

H20 Just Add Water TV Series for Kids

H20 Just Add Water

H20 Just Add Water is an Australian TV series with 3 season, about the Mermaids of Mako Island. Season 1 The series starts off with 3 normal teenage girls (Rikki, Cleo and Emma) being stranded on Mako Island. The explore the island and eventually end up in a pool under a dormant volcano. As the full moon passes over the pool, they all turn into mermaids. Eventually the girls are rescued and brought back to shore. The girls soon find out that their lives will never be normal again. Water is a … Continue reading

My Little Spongy Princess

I try to live a happy life with my child and hubby. Life isn’t always easy but we do our best to give our child what she needs. Food, clothes, happiness and lots of love. We are trying to teach our daughter right from wrong, that being truthful and honest will get her far in life. She is outgoing and friendly and knows she can be anything she wants to be. She is a people person, if you want to see my daughter, ask. But don’t blame me because you … Continue reading