Aquarium Life of the Pacific

In September 2012, during one of our vacations in California, we had the chance visit the Aquarium of the Pacific . Not only did we see ocean creatures up close, but were able to read all about them with all the facts and information about the world around hthe Aquarium life.

Aquarium Life of the Pacific

Aquarium Life We began venturing through the building, taking in all the information and sites we could see. Learning as we travelled along.

The colourful sea life amazed not only me, but my daughter, who was in a world of awe.

We finally left the building and headed back outside to see the sharks. We just missed feeding time, so they seemed to be mellow when we stopped by.


Aquarium Life




Aquarium life

Looking down from the upper level

The aquarium isn’t all about sea life, it includes birds and flowers and plants.

If you are heading to California with children, I would recommend checking out the Aquarium of the Pacific.

This year with no vacation planned, we thought that it would be nice to visit places close to home. What could we do and see that we haven’t done as a family already?

Now that Toronto has Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, we are able to visit and learn more about ocean life and freshwater life.

What adventures will you take your children to visit over the summer? Will you take them to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada?


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