Halloween Ghosts Colouring Printable – Boo!

Halloween is a fun time of year when we can dress up in a scary or fun costume. I always liked making my own costume that was unique. These days it is all about the favourite characters our kids like from a show or movie they watch. It is also fun to have something to do inside with family and that’s why I have created the Halloween Ghosts Colouring printable.

This year Halloween will be different for many of us. Many are finding alternatives to going door to door trick or treating. Since it usually rains, we have decided to do a family Halloween night. Our daughter plans on dressing up in different costumes and knocking on our door. Once that is done we will be watching some not so scary movies.

Halloween Ghosts Colouring Printable

Add some colour to the ghosts.

Halloween Ghosts Colouring Printable

It has been a while since Halloween has fallen on a Saturday so it probably won’t be an early night. During the day we will be making some treats to go with our movies. We love to add candy and chocolate to our popcorn so we will be making a big bowl of it. I am currently still looking for things to make that are super easy on my Halloween board on Pinterest.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Whatever you do, have a fun and safe day!

Happy Halloween!

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