Canadian Star Gazing – Meet and Greet

This week is March Break for our daughter, we wanted to do something fun with her before she started camp for the week. To start her break, we began with a fun adventure to the Sony Centre on Saturday for the FamFan day. Thanks to the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and all the sponsor for putting on a great day for Canadian Star gazing.

Do you watch Canadian TV shows or movies? I know many who say they are lame or boring. I love many of them and like all shows, not just those from Canada, they aren’t for everyone. We all have different tastes.

The day was originally going to be with just my daughter and me, it wasn’t. I mentioned Kim Coates and Michael Bonacini to my husband and it was a family day out.

Canadian Star Gazing – Meet and Greet

Our favourite show to watch together is Heartland on CBC.  All week long my daughter talked about how awesome it would be to meet Georgie and Jade from the show. Well, her wish came true and she even got her horse signed. Watching the excitement on my daughters face made the day complete.

Canadian Star Gasing

My husband and I are big Sons of Anarchy fans so we definitely were getting pictures with Kim Coates (Tig).  We got pictures and his autograph. I have to admit we truly enjoyed talking with this man, he is so nice and friendly and of course not hard on the eyes.

Canadian Star Gazing

We wandered around to the sponsors’ booth, I had to make a stop at the Family Channel booth, who had made a bag full of surprises for my daughter.

While we didn’t get to meet all the talent that was there, we did see the ones we went for and the ones we didn;t get to meet, well there were just too many people ahead of us. Seems that The Bachelor Canada and City TV had all the attention.

As a family we watch MasterChef. It doesn’t matter which country it is from, we watch because my daughter wants to be a chef. During the event had the opportunity to meet Chef Michael Bonacini and Masterchef Canada, season 3 winner Mary. They were both amazed when my daughter said she was going to be a chef one day.

Canadian Star Gazing

We wanted to head back down again on Sunday to get a glimpse and possibly meet some of the others but we decided to stay in and watch from the comfort of our couch. It would have been a chance of a lifetime to meet Christopher Plummer, who received the Lifetime Achievement award for all he has done in Canadian television.

Did see the awards on Sunday?

We will definitely be heading back again next year for some more Canadian star gazing.

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