From Winter to Spring, Its gardening time!

We have finally reached the time of year when the darkness o f winter turns to the brightness of spring. The warm weather has finally started to appear more and more these days. Spring is just around the corner. The time we all seem to start the spring chores. Pulling out the lighter weight clothing, putting most of the heavy winter items away. Freshening up the inside of the house. “The not so much fun” things to do, but needs to be done.

What I cant wait for is to get outside and do the yard work. I love my garden.  My yard work. I spend many hours taking care and tending to the flowers and shrubs I have had for many years so I can enjoy the beauty of them once they start to bloom and finally have fully bloomed.

The hours of raking, sweeping and weeding make it all worthwhile when I can sit back and enjoy the peace of my garden.



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