13 Non Spooky Halloween Movies – Kid Friendly Shows

Halloween is coming soon and it is time to get your fright on and watch some suitable Halloween movies for kids. While not every kid likes a jump up scary movie, some do. My daughter not so much. I searched for movies I thought would be more her kind of movie.

For 13 days leading up to Halloween, we will watch a movie each night during or after dinner. Our daughter will pick one from the list below, it will be her choice. Now I just have to come up with some spooky snacks and the nights will be spooktacular.

When I was a kid, I didn’t watch many scary movies after viewing The Omen. It probably wasn’t a good movie choice for someone under 10. Over the years I have watched many movies but I never watched that one again. Some movies still scare me and when I watch, it is with my ears covered. I do close my eyes when there are really gross scenes.

In my teens, I would watch the Horror films on TV and then not want to move. I would hear things and thinks someone was going to get me. It was a scary trip 2 floors up the stairs to the bathroom.

Halloween Movies


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13 Non Spooky Halloween Movies

Many of the movies on the list have been viewed by my daughter in the past. I know that they won’t give her nightmares. Many children and adults scare easily so finding and viewing non-scary movies will help them adjust should the want to try a scarier movie.

Halloween Movies

What are some of the movies you like to watch with your kids?

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