Love Trap by Amnon Jackont – eBook Review

I recently had the opportunity to download and read Love Trap by Amnon Jakcont. When I get the chance to check out a new ebook on my Kindle, I take it.
Love Trap

Book Description :

Daphne Bernstein did not like Jerusalem. She ended up there by chance, dragging along her young daughter, her useless medical license, her disgraceful past and her desperate hope to rebuild her life that has gone off course.

In an ancient building, in the midst of a stormy winter, Daphne’s life crosses paths with an alienated man and an ambiguous co-worker, who are both hiding a secret with heavy consequence. Is this a random meeting or a sophisticated trap?

Love Trap is a fascinating and unconventional story about lies, friendship and love. It occurs in the dark and mysterious domain, between reality and distortion, created by fear and hope.

After losing her medical license and spending time behind bars, Daphne is out and begins her hunt for a job. She meets a man, marries and has a daughter Natalie. Daphne informs her husband about her past and that ends the relationship. After years of endless jobs, she leaves for Jerusalem to start a new life. During her search for a better job and life she is given the opportunity to work for “The Doctor’s of Humanitarians”.

The mystery unravels behind the walls of the building. Secrets and lies and a bit of love, not knowing who she can trust.

Love Trap definitely has us on the the edge of our seats wanting to know as much as Daphne what lies ahead. Amnon Jackont has a way with words and knows how to keep the readers wanting more.

I would recommend this book for anyone who loves a great mystery.

Mama Bears Haven was compensated with a e-book for Kindle in order to write this review. All opinions are her own as always.

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