Mastermind – Crack the Code to Win Codemaker vs Codebreaker

When I was around 9 or 10 I played my first game of Mastermind. When I was given the opportunity to review this newer edition from Pressman Toy, I was excited to share and play a game that I played as a kid with my daughter and husband.


Before we began, I read the rules since it had been quite some time, I also had my daughter read them to see if she understood the game. She did, so we pulled out the game and played.


Mastermind – Crack the Code to Win

A 2 player game for ages 8 and up where one player tries to crack the other players’ code with fewer moves than the other. The game has 6 different colour code pegs and red and white key pegs. They can be placed in the built-in storage compartments under the console.


How to Play

The Codemaker sets the code using colour pegs of their choice that can include 2 of the same colour and then places them behind the shield.  The Codebreaker uses the coloured pegs to try to break the code. Using the key pegs the Codemaker lets the other player know if any of the pegs are correct.

A red key peg is used for each code peg that is the right colour and the right place. A white key peg is used for each code peg that is the right colour but not in the right place. No key pegs indicate that the colour is not used in the code.

The pegs are not placed in any particular order making it more difficult to crack the code. There are 10 chances to discover the code or the game is over. While my daughter did get frustrated by not solving the code, we continued to play a few rounds.

My daughter has fallen in love with the game and wants to play all the time. She is hoping to crack the code sooner than later.

Become the Codebreaker and check out Mastermind. You and your kids will have fun playing as we do.

Keep an eye out for more fun games we love to play on Family Game Nights.





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