Sensitive to Scents

Being sensitive to scents is hard on a person, everywhere you go, there is some sort of odour causing health issues. While the sensitivity may be less in some, those with breathing issues, such as Asthma or certain allergies may be severe. The severity in each individual will vary, it could be mild or may severely affect someones ability to do certain activities.

Are you sensitive to scents? Have you ever been out on the bus or in the grocery store, when all of a sudden you get a smell of someones over powering perfume or cologne? Almost every time I get on a bus, this happens to me and instantly I have a migraine. Remember a little spray goes a long way. Please don’t use more than necessary.

For years I have had migraines and had never really though much about them, it was just part of my everyday life. In the past few years I started to document when a migraine started. What were the causes to the onset of the pain beginning in my head. Perfumes, household fresheners/cleaners were the main cause.


Symptons from Scents

loss of appetite
shortness of breath
difficulty with concentration
skin irritation

Product that can irritate scent sesitivity?

air fresheners & deodorizers
cleaning products

Check our

Sensitive to scents

There are more workplaces becoming scent free each day, but not every work place has that policy. If you work in a place that allows scents and you have a sensitivity, has there been issues? How did you rectify the situation?

  • accommodate requests with respect
  • discuss the issues to identify how the issue can be resolved
  • speak to manager if request fails

    When I worked in an office, I often had migraines due to the perfume or cologne of someone in the areas in which I worked. I couldn’t pin point anyone person unless they were standing next to me. My manager would respray perfume in the afternoon, if I had to go by her desk, I was left with a headache and shortness of breath, even after I had mentioned the reason, it continued. I believe that all work places should be a scent free zone.

    I began removing the chemicals I clean with at the beginning of the year, my March I was using Norwex products, where I only use water and micro fiber cloths. At first I was a bit skeptical, how could a product be used, only with water and cloths. I tried, I tested and proved to myself that this was a great investment and will save me money and time.

    I still get migraines, however they are not always as severe as they were before I went to a clean, green lifestyle.

    Have you removed or reduced the chemicals you use in your home? If you are looking to change the way you clean, let me know, I can help.

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    2 Responses to Sensitive to Scents

    1. This is a serious issue that people, well, don’t take seriously. We have a “scent free” office but there are always a couple of people that really just don’t care – including the head of HR that is suppose to enforce the policy.

      People honestly don’t understand how their scents effect those with sensitivities. It can be absolutely debilitating.
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      • Mama Bear6910 says:

        People complain about second hand smoke,second hand perfume is just as bad if not worse in my opinion. There should be consequences for those who do no follow the work place policies. I find CK perfume to be one that really irritates many people.

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