Speeding Cars and the Front Yard Fence

Our front yard is probably a bit bigger than the average Toronto yard compared to others I have seen, It is only several feet away from the street, but thankfully, we aren’t on a main street but just off of one, so there isn’t really much traffic except for people in the neighbourhood.

Every now and then I squealing tires and honking horns can be heard in my somewhat quiet neighbourhood, where the speed limit is 40km but some feel the need to go 60km to get to the main street, making it dangerous for kids playing.

I want my 19 mth old daughter to be able to play in the yard and feel safe, she tends to run towards the road and doesn’t always listen . We decided that we would build a fence to deter the wandering towards the street

Finally deciding on just a basic fence. So with the design in mind we headed off to the Home Depot to pick up some wood. One more trip to Home Depot and we had the frame built. Since the weather turned a bit cold  we stopped and will finish on the weekend with 2 more rows of board all around, making it safe for our daughter to play.

If you are in a neighbourhood with small children, obey the signs and drive carefully!

How safe is your neighbourhood for your children?

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