Quirky Shows To Watch on Netflix

I am always looking for new shows to watch on Netflix. It seems that lately when I pick a show it’s a bit quirky. Well, I thought I would share 3 quirky shows I watch, you never know, you may like them,  if you don’t already.

Quirky Shows

Quirky Shows on Netflix

Jane The Virgin

Imagine waking up one day and finding out you are pregnant and still a virgin. Jane is the outcome of a teenage pregnancy, she gets artificially inseminated during a routine checkup. When she finds out her life falls apart and to make matters worse, the unsuspecting donor is a married man, a former playboy and cancer survivor who is not only the new owner of the hotel where Jane works but was also her former teenage crush.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Based on the Girlfriends’ Guides book series by Vicki Iovine. The show revolves around Abby McCarthy, a self-help author who finds peace in new friends and crazy adventures as she tries to keep the secret of her separation/rekindled romance from her husband Jake while they both date others.  She takes the advice from divorced friends, avoiding it from the married ones. 40 something people living the life in Los Angeles, single, divorced or married/separated with children. It is all about navigating through life with the new changes life brings to each character.

The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri is an obstetrician/gynecologist she tries to balance her personal and professional life, surrounded by quirky co-workers in a small medical practice. The character was inspired by Mindy’s own mother. Mindy explores life with the help of her co-workers: Danny her best friend and love interest, Jeremy is an English doctor who manages the practice;  Morgan  a wacky registered nurse and an ex-con; Tamra, a rude nurse; and Beverley, the  office receptionist.

Do you watch quirky shows or do you pass them over? I like to check a show out before I decide if it will be on my list or not.

I will be posting more quirky shows soon. Check back and find out which shows.

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