Yarn Halloween Spiders – Party Decorations

I love to decorate for the every holiday. Halloween is coming up so I am creating some home and party decorations. They will be hung around our apartment up until Halloween. I have a bin full of yarn that I would like to use up so I can buy some fresh colours. I will be making Halloween spiders, I don;t know why I choose them since they freak me out.

Hallowen Spiders

Halloween Spiders

Supplies Needed:

  • styrofoam balls – the size of your choice
  • black or purple yarn
  • 4 black or purple pipe cleaners (4 per spider)
  • googly eyes
  • glue

Assembling the spider:

Halloween spiders

  • attach yarn to styrofoam ball using glue
  • wrap yarn around the ball until completely covered and glue end of yarn to ball
  • bend and insert pipe cleaners in half and attach 2 on each side of  the body with glue (I tried attaching a pipe cleaner first, than yarn for the small ones)
  • glue on eyes
  • attach a piece of yarn to hang (optional)

Halloween Spiders

This year we are decorating with spiders and monsters. Do you have  a Halloween theme for your house?




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