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2013-04-30 15.02.06

I recently had the chance to put Always Infinity to ‘the test’ with my own personal demo.I received a free sample of Always Infinity Heavy Flow Pads with Flexi-Wings to try out, as part of a campaign through BzzAgent.

For years I have used Always Brand protection so this was a great opportunity to try out the new Always Infinity.

Wearing any sort of feminine product has always made me feel uncomfortable no matter how comfortable and absorbent they may be. Until of course I tried always Infinity and now I don’t even feel as though I have a pad on. I have found the protection I need with Always Infinity.

I now have the confidence of not worrying about leakage or wondering if the pad was notiecable from behind. The absorption for the Always Infinity line includes “Regular”, “Heavy”, and “Overnight” but the absorption performs the same for all pads. These pads absorb 4X more than what you need. The only difference is their size.

Always Infinity (green) Regular Thick Pad (Yellow)

Always Infinity Demo

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I received the #AlwaysInfinity test kit from both #BzzAgent and P&G for free, to test the power of the new Always Infinity! No other compensation was received

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