Autumn Leaves Colouring Printable – Fall Fun for Everyone

Tomorrow is the first day of fall even though it still feels like summer. My favourite part of this season for me is the changing of the leaves. I can’t wait to get out and take pictures of all the beautiful and colourful trees. Get out your favourite fall colour pencil crayons to fill in this autumn leaves colouring printable.

Autumn Leaves Colouring Printable

Autumn Leaves colouring printable

Most times my colouring printables are created with kids in mind but who can resist the relaxing mode that colouring can give you.

I started my printable this morning before my day began. Now I will just colour a bit of it each day until I complete the entire page of leaves.

Over the next few weeks and into October we will be out and about with camera in tow, enjoying the trees around Toronto. We prefer to venture out when the air is cooler and not so hot. It makes for a more enjoyable and comfortable day.

We have a few parks in our neighbourhood that are filled with a variety of trees to capture the moments of the season.

You can find more here on my printables page. I have a few Halloween ones coming soon so keep an eye out for them.

Autumn is my favourite season, which one is yours?

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