No Party Birthday Party

Birthday’s are a day to celebrate. We have prepared a themed party each year since her 1st birthday. I love to make it special for my daughter, however, I never planned to have a party every year. My plan was just to celebrate the important birthdays. This year we are having a no party birthday party.

No Party Birthday

My daughter’s 6th Birthday is coming up in a few weeks. This year we decided not to have a birthday party this year. We are still celebrating with cake and presents, but there will be no party.

Each year we invite family and friends to join the party and each year very few show-up. My daughter never expected a gift, but gifts were nice. My daughter loves to party and has had her share of disappointment.

Last year we decided to have only her friends. It was her first year in school, she had made some friends of her own. At the end of school, invitations were sent out and no RSVP returned. I understand summer is busy and everyone has plans but send an RSVP, either way, it’s just the proper thing to do. By August 10, I only had 3 of 12 kids coming. I still planned the party, I had been working on DIY decorations for awhile.

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Last year’s party was DIY Crafty Birthday. My daughter wanted to a fun day of arts and crafts with her friends.  I decided to let her know that some of her friends might not show up, it was August and they may already have summer plans. She had a look of disappointment but was ok as long as we would still have cake and fun.

I always over plan when it comes to cakes and goodies, just in case we have drop ins. When the day of my daughter’s birthday arrived, there were still on 3 guests coming but she still had a fun time. That is when we decided to have no party birthday parties until she was older.

No Party Birthday

Our no Party birthday will be a day full of fun mama and daddy. It will consist of decorations, meals, activities and whatever else she decides to do. Together, her dad and I will be creating the cake of choice, a unicorn. (which I will be practicing before hand) Although we are not having a party there will be cake for those who choose to pop by the day of her birthday.

We plan on spending the day of her birthday at home and a special visit to the CNE (the exivition, as my daughter says) since it opens around the same time of her birthday. It will be a family day of fun and games.

Kids take things to heart, my daughter is a very understanding little girl, she feels emotions of being hurt or upset. She lets it go and continues her day but I see a distant sadness in her face.

No Party Birthday

If you are sent an invitation, RSVP! On birthdays, the only presents most kids want is the presence of you.




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  1. Darlene W says:

    I find it is not just birthday party’s, but baby showers, wedding showers and even weddings. I find it ignorant when you do not get a reply to an invitation. It only takes a few moments and now a day it can be done several ways, a phone call, a text or an email. Shame on those who DO NOT rely, shame on you

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