No Power – Trapped Inside My Apartment

No Power – Trapped Inside. That is how I felt for almost 5 days inside my apartment. While most days I am inside, due to chronic pain, I have the choice to come or go. I felt confined and scared of not getting out safely.

It was early evening last Saturday, my daughter was away for the night and we hadn’t started dinner. We were watching a TV show on Netflix and just waiting to finish the current episode. The screen and lights in the room went out, I could see light coming from the end of the hall so it was only 2 rooms that had lost power. We lost the 2 most important rooms, the kitchen and the living room, where the modem is kept. I looked at the time on my phone, it was 7:30.

So what do you do when your child is away and you have power goes out? Yep, that’s right, you take a nap. While most of your minds have gone to the gutter, some of you, being parents probably guessed right. Three hours later I woke up feeling chilly an in complete darkness. No power, no water and no announcement advising us what was happening. We crawled back under the blankets and went back to sleep.

At about 7 am the fire alarm went off for what seemed to be about 20 minutes. The fire department came on and said that it was a false alarm. No announcement about the power. By Mid afternoon/dinner time the power came back on. All seemed good.  There was even a truck from the Salvation Army giving out soup and snacks. My husband went down the 17 flights of stairs (elevators still not working) to pick up our daughter or we wouldn’t have known about the truck .

Throughout the evening the fire alarms went off and the fire apartment announced it was a false alarm and then again in the morning. No need for an alarm clock.  Finally the property manager came on with an announcement that really didn’t say much about anything. We were temporarily running on a generator.

No Power

Monday and Tuesday were again cold and powerless days trapped inside our apartment. I would never make it down or back up the stairs due to health reasons.  By Wednesday  CityTVNews showed up to interview a few residents, by then the elevators were back running on generators. I was able to leave the building.

Below is the video done by CityTvNews while they were here. I missed the chance to speak. It may have been better that way, I may not have been able to hide my frustration as easy as the ones who did speak. How does one stay calm when they have gone days with NO POWER!

It has been extremely cold, unable to cook our meals and not able to bathe for almost 5 days on and off, but we have power again. Lets hope it stays that way.

The cause: a fuse! I think there is a little more to that story. Maybe new elevators that aren’t old or sucking up all the power.

We have all gotten sick in some sort of way because we had no power. We are on the mend and hopefully this doesn’t happen again.


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6 Responses to No Power – Trapped Inside My Apartment

  1. oh that’s terrible! I would have totally just tried to nap the time away too but I hate being cold for even a little while, that is far too long
    Jennifer (momvstheboys) recently posted…Junior Knight Training at Medieval TimesMy Profile

  2. Paula H says:

    OMG how horrible! 17 flights of stairs!! That is insane! especially if you are ill or disabled! So glad you guys are okay

    • Mama Bear6910 says:

      yes insane is right!! I never took the stairs, my knees and breathing wouldn’t allow it. Hubby counted the stairs. 322 down and 322 up..

  3. Aeryn Lynne says:

    Oh wow, CityTV is right, that is an incredibly tiny generator for such a large building of residents needing heat in this cold! Greenwin better be giving you all some sort of break on rent or something for this month. :/ Am sorry you and your fam were put through such an ordeal, and hope the power stays on from here on out. <3
    Aeryn Lynne recently posted…New Comics Released: Wed Feb 4, 2015, The Holy Hawkguy EditionMy Profile

  4. Deanna T. says:

    Oh goodness, that’s just brutal. I would have been furious with the lack of explanation and information. Glad this is over for you now. Enjoy the warmth (and the ability to exit the darn building!), and feel better soon!

  5. Having no power is horrible in the best of times, but in the winter? Yikes! I am glad you were able to keep your humour and share it with us 🙂
    Suzanne Rudge recently posted…Win A $150 Gift Card! Open To US OnlyMy Profile

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