Soap Operas – Steamy Daytime TV

Soap Operas

I began watching Soap Operas at a young age. I guess it all began as a very small child watching them along with my mom. Then as I grew I began to find my own soaps to watch. Over the years I have watched many Daytime Soap Operas but because many have been cancelled I am now down to 3; Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. Watching 3 doesn’t sound so bad. But if none of them were cancelled I would be juggling to … Continue reading

Love Quotes and Sentiments for Valentine’s Day

Today is known for being the day of Love, when we celebrate with family and friends with chocolates, cards, flowers, romantic dinners, or maybe a stuffed toy. Although we share our love all through the year, February 14 has been set as the day we all share together our love and emotions with each other. Sometimes it is hard to find the exact words to say to the ones you love. Here are some famous Love quotes and sentiments I have put together. Love doesn’t make the world go round. … Continue reading

Why Do People Lie?

If little white lies were a crime, perhaps we’d all be in jail at one time or another. We learn from mistakes. I have learned to understand people by the way they talk or the gestures they use. I can usually tell if a person is lying, if I can’t, then I go with my gut, it never lets me down. When you here a story, you have to wonder sometimes, Is this person for real,and how many people can they get to believe a story like that. That is … Continue reading