Staying Motivated with Three Inspiring Gifts

Mama Bear’s Haven received these inspiring gifts for staying motivated from Quatro Publishing for review purposes on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own as always.

Some days we could all use a bit of motivation to drive us to our goals. Have you ever heard a quote that inspired you or makes you wonder? What about words of wisdom from others? Do you keep a notebook or calendar for staying motivated?

In a world that judges you, be the inspiration, not the judge. Now that school has started, why not make someones day by sharing special quotes or add them to a lunch box.

Staying Motivated with Three Little Inspiring Gifts

Beautifully Said

Author: Pauline Weger

Looking to inspire the women around you and in your life? This book is a personal inspiration gallery, containing 21 themed chapters. It’s spotlighting women and girls who believe, build, discover, explore, heal, invent, laugh, lead, and more.

Staying motivated

Ready Set Goals! 2019 

Author: Editors of Rock Point

Plan your year and its deadlines and have fun as you achieve your dreams. Ready Set Goals! 2019 brings the popular goal journaling trend to your wall, with a huge grid that you can use to write down and track your aspirations.

Staying Motivated

This planner is really going to keep me organized with my busy schedule this fall and winter. It’s up on the wall, it very visible, the perfect reminder of goals and events.

Being Beautiful

Author: Helen Gordon

An inspiring anthology of writings on beauty. The inner, outer and everything in between from some of the world’s most fascinating thinkers. Contributors include such varied voices as Sali Hughes, Emily Dickinson, John Cage, Francis Bacon, Charlotte Brontë, Immanuel Kant, Joan Collins and Kate Moss.

Broken down into five chapters – Defining Beauty, Finding Beauty, Living Beautifully, Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty. Discussions range from how we might define a beautiful face, how one can live a ‘beautiful’ life and the beauty that can be found in aging.

Staying Motivated

How are you staying motivated these days? How do you inspire others?

There are a variety of great book titles over at Quatro Knows, head on over and check some out. I am making a list of the ones that I will be putting on my Christmas list.




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