Fear of Insects and Bugs in Children – How We Deal

Dealing with fears our children may have is a struggle to find solutions. If your child has a fear of insects and bugs, it can be hard to handle. My daughter is afraid of all things creepy and crawly since she was small. The issue started with ants and gradually got worse, flies, moths, spiders. If it crawls or flies, she is scared. I am sure we all have fears we have trouble dealing with. Mine is spiders, snakes and mice. As a parent with fears, I am trying to help … Continue reading

Pest Repelling Plants

pest repelling plants

Spending time outdoors in the nice weather, is a favourite thing to do, however, with that comes those buzzing and biting insects. If you have ever been sitting out in the garden or on the patio, you have probably been bitten once or twice many times by mosquitos, then spend days itching those bites. There are so many different ways to repel these insects but why use chemicals and sprays when you can grow our own, pest repelling plants and oil using the leaves and stems. Not only do some … Continue reading