Summer Bucket List in Toronto 2015

This summer there are a few things we would like to do. I have made a Summer Bucket list of kid friendly fun stuff to do in Toronto on a budget. If we had a vehicle, we would venture around Ontario and add a few more items to our list. For now we tour around the town in which we live, and why not, there is plenty to do! Our Summer Bucket List Visit Riverdale Farm Teaching our daughter to ride her bike swimming at the pool visit different splash … Continue reading

Legoland and Kindergarten Kids


On Wednesday, I volunteered to attend Legoland at Vaughan Mills, with my daughters kindergarten class. My first class trip with my daughter, so I had no idea what to expect. I have wanted to check this place out for some time. I am truly amazed at what cam be made with lego and wanted to see it first hand. I arrived at the school and went to my daughters class and had a seat, clearly not meant for an adult. I was greeted by all the children with ” Hi … Continue reading