The Walmart Stalker..A funny Story

I have been going to the same Walmart for years. About a year ago I started bumping into a friend of mine I have never noticed shopping there before and we live in the same area so it should be expected.We kind of tour the store, by my random direction but we always start in the children’s section ending in the grocery section just before we hit the checkout.When I go shopping I always seem to be in my own little world, so unless I am talking to you I don’t really hear, I am focused on the task at hand.

Walmart Stalker

The Walmart Stalker

The first time of course was random, unexpected. We were in the grocery section doing my thing when Chris taps me and says someones calling your name. I turn around and there was my friend laughing cause I didn’ hear her.

The second time wasn’t as bad, it was down an aisle, going toward one another. It seemed after that they were there every time we went and sometimes we didn’t go to Walmart for weeks. Quick chit chat and we were all on our way again.

A few more times after that I had seen her in the kids’ section, at the checkout and coming in the doors.  It was like hmm, who was here first you or me. ” I think you’re following me,” no, you’re following me.”  Which one is the Walmart stalker?

Walmart Stalker

I always feel like someone is following me.

One time, just before heading to Walmart I stopped at the bank, when I came out of the bank, there was my friend in her vehicle outside the bank, heading to Walmart like I was. She thought she would send me a text saying “I see you” so I would be looking around when I came out to see where she was. Funny thing was I had left my phone at home. What a laugh that was. Off we went our separate ways and once again bumped into one another in Walmart.

No stalking that was expected. I don’t often visit that particular Walmart, I go to a different store, closer to where we live now.

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One Response to The Walmart Stalker..A funny Story

  1. Brenda says:

    It really makes you wonder if Wal Mart is becoming not only a place for all your shopping needs but your social needs as well.
    I don’t think I have ever been to my local Wally World and not run into someone I know.
    I guess it shows that in this fast paced life that we live, no matter what your walk of life, everyone needs toilet paper from Wal Mart!

    P.S. I see you Tammy 😉

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