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I have always had a TV, every since I was little and with 3 kids all watching different shows, 1 TV was never enough, so there were always a few floating around the house. It saved on the fights of who was watching what.

I seem to watch a little bit of everything, from soaps, comedies, actions, dramas and of course now we have reality tv. Oh and I can’t forget a movie every now and then. VCR’s and PVR’s became a big hit with me. I never had to miss a show again. So many shows and so many tapes. TV was endless. Yes, I watch way too much TV. (I am working on it)

TV Junkie

>With all the shows I love to watch, having the right TV package was always what I was looking for. I wanted to have all the extras and get those shows everyone was talking about and some of the shows I watched from years past.So I signed up for a great package for way too much many for 2 years. Then my contract ended. I was in a dilema. Should I sign up again and waste more money or try to find some alternative at a cheaper rate.

My search began…..The Dilema: Will I get all of the shows I like to watch? Will my daughter be able to watch the shows she was use to? Would I be able to make the change from cable/satellite to online streaming only.

I finally decided….I would go with online streaming for shows and possibly loose a few shows. There are many options to choose from for TV viewing. Most programming can be found on many of the Canadian networks like GlobalTv, CTV, CityTV, and of course Netflix Canada. From my search, there was many ways I would find something for my viewing pleasure.

Ultimately an Unlimited package would be the best for us, but not always available. So if unlimited is not available, try finding the best GB bandwith per month which is usually 250 GB – 300GB.

1000 MB = 1 GB 1 movie = 700 MB 1 song = 9 MB

I was able to find an Unlimited deal for Internet, saving us at least $60 each month. I ordered Netflix and found a whole new variety of Adult and kids shows for our family to enjoy. Netflix a blog post on its own.

I now watch my shows at my leisure (well within a week of them airing). I don’t watch the shows on the same day or time as regular scheduled TV programs. (No spoilers please!) They hit the networks within 24 hours of airing and I watch any time after that. I have also found that I do watch less TV then when I had satellite TV.

TV Junkie

What are some shows you just can’t live without?

Are you paying to much to watch TV and Surf the Internet? Have you thought about making a switch? Take it from this TV Junkie, you will barely notice the difference with shows, the only difference is the value of the savings.

Happy Viewing!

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