Local Tourists – Out n About in Toronto

My family and I travel within the city of Toronto and check out the local attractions around town. Since I live here I can go anytime to seek new adventures in this BIG City.

I am a mom so I do try to find kid-friendly adventures, usually starting at a park so my daughter can play on the swings and slides. When the weather is warm, we ride our bicycles with a trailer attached to our daughter. Mama would never be able to pull the trailer and a child. So daddy gets the hard job.

In the warmer weather, we sometimes travel along the Toronto Bicycle paths that will take us across the entire city.  Beautiful nature scenes and wildlife can be seen on our travels along the Humber River trails making our way down to the shores of Lake Ontario and Sunnyside Beach/Park

In the colder weather we venture around on the TTC, travelling further around the city then we possible could by bicycle. One of our favourite things to do is to head down to Yonge and Dundas Square and from there walk around and check out historical buildings and monuments. Our walk takes us over to Church St and down to the St. Lawrence Market, Enjoying the shops, entertainment and of course the tasty treats we find along the way. We walk until we get cold or can no longer walk and hop on and off the streetcars finally reaching the Harbour Front, where we enjoy the view  of the boats on the lake and relax before hopping back on the street car and heading back home.

Looking to go out or visit Toronto, find somewhere to stay or  hot spot to dine, plan your outing with some terrific Toronto Attractions. See you Out and About!! Have fun and enjoy your City adventure.

Read on about some of our local tourist adventures.


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