Keeping Glasses on An Infant

If you read my post Yes, My Child Wears Glasses, then you are aware that my daughter has been wearing glasses since the age of 1. During the summer before she had her glasses, we decided to get sunglasses for eye protection from the sun. The sunglasses stayed on her face for less then a minute. Knowing how she felt about having the sunglasses on, how were we to keep regular eye glasses on. The task of keeping glsses on an infant was going to be difficult. I know when … Continue reading

Canadian Stars – Hollywood Walk of Fame

When you are in Hollywood, you don’t really think “Canadian”, so when your following the stars on Hollywood Blvd. don’t be shocked when you see Canadian Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame Here are just a few of the Canadian Stars on my travels. Famous for Family Ties and Back to the Future from Edmonton, Alberta. An actor. comedian and screenwriter from Scarborough. We all remember him in Wayne’s World and of course the voice of Shrek. A Canadian Rock band from Toronto. Getty Lee went to school not to … Continue reading

Escaping Reality for a Beach Getaway

How often as mothers do we get a chance to take off for the weekend and leave the family behind. For most of us it is a dream and not very likely to happen. Well for me it is happening this weekend. I spend every day taking care of my daughter and hubby. It is what I enjoy doing, however sometimes you just need a break from reality to clear your head and have fun. I deserve a break and it gives the hubby a chance to spend quality time … Continue reading

Candy Crush Saga – Chocolate is Killing Me

Candy Crush Saga is a match 3 game that seems to be taking over the lives of many of us out there, even the non gamers are checking out this Saga. I am sure that it is the number one game played at the moment. I started playing this game a few months back and am now in the 100 level. It has become quite an addictive and frustrating game trying to achieve each level. I can not stop playing, I know it will only be a matter of days … Continue reading