Australia My Dream Destination

Australia -Sydney of Lights

Australia is my dream destination. I am sure we all have a place that we want to visit more than any other place in the world. Since my late teens, Australia has always been that place for me. When I was in my late teens I began watching Neighbours and Home and Away, 2 Australian soap operas that were in Canada for a short time. I guess after watching them I was hooked on the destination. I began researching my big adventure and have never stopped. Whether it be swimming … Continue reading

Toronto Athletic Camps – TAC Sports – Giveaway

Toronto Athletic Camps

This March Break my daughter will be joining other kids (age 4-16) at  Toronto Athletic Camps program. She will be learning Tennis, soccer and basketball. I can’t tell you how excited she is to be going. Although she has never really played any of these sports, she is very eager to learn, so eager, I am sure she will be back in the summer Toronto Athletic Camps (TAC Sports) mission is to provide children with the most personable, growth oriented recreational and academy soccer, tennis and basketball development in Toronto … Continue reading

Little House on The Prairie

Little House on The Prairie

Little House on The Prairie is based on the memoirs of Laura Ingalls Wilder, edited by her daughter Rose and published around 1932, producing 8 books in the series and a TV series from 1974-1982 airing on NBC. My admiration for Michael Landon, has made the show all the more worth while and has kept me watching many times over the years. Ok, I have to admit it was one of my favourite shows. The Ingalls Family: Charles Ingalls – Michael Landon Caroline Ingalls – Karen Grassle Mary Ingalls – … Continue reading

Love Trap by Amnon Jackont – eBook Review

Love Trap

I recently had the opportunity to download and read Love Trap by Amnon Jakcont. When I get the chance to check out a new ebook on my Kindle, I take it. Book Description : Daphne Bernstein did not like Jerusalem. She ended up there by chance, dragging along her young daughter, her useless medical license, her disgraceful past and her desperate hope to rebuild her life that has gone off course. In an ancient building, in the midst of a stormy winter, Daphne’s life crosses paths with an alienated man … Continue reading

H20 Just Add Water TV Series for Kids

H20 Just Add Water

H20 Just Add Water is an Australian TV series with 3 season, about the Mermaids of Mako Island. Season 1 The series starts off with 3 normal teenage girls (Rikki, Cleo and Emma) being stranded on Mako Island. The explore the island and eventually end up in a pool under a dormant volcano. As the full moon passes over the pool, they all turn into mermaids. Eventually the girls are rescued and brought back to shore. The girls soon find out that their lives will never be normal again. Water is a … Continue reading