Canadian Fun Facts

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day – here are some Canadian fun facts about our incredible country!! You probably know that our national icon is the Beaver, Moose and Canadian goose. Our official languages are English and French and we have ‘Canadian Tire’ and colourful money, our $1. and $2. coins are called the loonie and toonie and gosh we love our Tim Horton Donuts and Coffee….but here are a few more facts you may not know…. 1) Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. However, its population density … Continue reading

Summer Bucket List in Toronto 2015

This summer there are a few things we would like to do. I have made a Summer Bucket list of kid friendly fun stuff to do in Toronto on a budget. If we had a vehicle, we would venture around Ontario and add a few more items to our list. For now we tour around the town in which we live, and why not, there is plenty to do! Our Summer Bucket List Visit Riverdale Farm Teaching our daughter to ride her bike swimming at the pool visit different splash … Continue reading

Nutrition Facts Education #FocusOnTheFacts

On June 18th my daughter and I attended the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign, held at the Humber Bay Metro location. This is an initiative from the Government of Canada and collaborating partners our. The event provided us with tips to better understand how to use the Nutrition Facts table to make more informed food choices for our families in a fun and educational manner. Our little detectives were on the case, they began by creating a handy little canvas bag to collect clues on our fact finding mission. We set out … Continue reading

Redpath Waterfront Festival – June 2015

Redpath Waterfront Festival

Each year along the Harbourfront of Lake Ontario in Toronto, the Redpath Waterfront Festival happens. On Saturday we hopped on the subway and headed down to Union Station to catch the streetcar that would take us to Queens Quay to start our adventures at the festival. Redpath Waterfront Festival We began our adventure by the Queens Quay Terminal, which was basically in the middle of the festival and walked towards the Redpath Sugar Refinery. On our first stop, we were able to try some sugar cookies. Hubby did the 1 … Continue reading

Female Musicians – Mama Bears Top 25

female musicians

When I was about 9 years old I heard Bonnie Tyler singing It’s a Heartache on the the radio. I am sure I had no idea at the time what the song was about nor did I probably care, it sounded good and her voice was just amazing. Since that time I have been following many female musicians.