Halloween Web Wreath

Web Wreath

This Halloween I decided to go with a spider theme, not sure why, since I don’t like spiders. When there are spiders, there are usually webs. Deciding to make a web wreath to go with the spiders created last week, was the perfect choice. I have a bin full of yarn and a cupboard full of supplies that I want to use up before replenishing my supplies. I have decided to begin some weekly projects, to do just that, starting with the yarn. Oh and I volunteered my husband to … Continue reading

Yarn Halloween Spiders – Party Decorations

Halloween Spiders

I love to decorate for the every holiday. Halloween is coming up so I am creating some home and party decorations. They will be hung around our apartment up until Halloween. I have a bin full of yarn that I would like to use up so I can buy some fresh colours. I will be making Halloween spiders, I don;t know why I choose them since they freak me out. Halloween Spiders Supplies Needed: styrofoam balls – the size of your choice black or purple yarn 4 black or purple pipe … Continue reading

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters – Halloween Craft for Kids

I always have toilet paper rolls stored in the craft cupboard. When it comes to seasonal and easy crafts for kids, these work great. Halloween is just around the corner so I decided to make toilet paper roll monsters with my daughter. She has been home sick for  days, so this was the perfect opportunity. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters Materials needed: toilet paper rolls yarn googly eyes coloured paper glue feathers (optional) How to Assemble: Cover the toilet paper roll in glue and begin wrapping yarn around the roll, holding … Continue reading

Kids and Colds – Keeping the Cold Season Mild


We are 3 weeks into the school year and my daughter has her first cold. It never fails, the same happened last year. It seemed like every other week she was sick last school year. All summer long she was fine, no colds at all; it begins all over again. I know when my daughter isn’t feeling well, it is the only time she is quiet.  She will be in the bedroom snuggled under her blanket. What is a Cold? A cold is a virus, caused by germs. A common cold … Continue reading

Money Saving Groupon Coupons – It’s a Click Away

This is a sponsored post (Groupon Coupons). All opinions are my own as always and in no way influenced. Coupons aren’t always easy to find. I love to save money and I love coupons. Over the past little while, they coupons I like to use have been MIA until I started using Groupon. What better way to share my love of both then with Groupon Coupons.  Searching for stores or brands I love to find the perfect deal and coupon is so easy. Be the King/Queen of shopping and have a few … Continue reading

Fabulous Deals and Steals Everyday – Groupon


This is a sponsored post for Groupon. All opinions are my own as always and in no way influenced. As a family, we always try to find deals for the products and services we use. With the fabulous deals and Steals on Groupon, we can find the best product for our needs/wants.  We want to save money so we are able to have more fun as a family. My husband loves gadgets. Anytime he goes our he comes home with something for his phone, computer, just about anything he thinks … Continue reading