2018 Fall TV Season – When To Watch New and Returning Shows

Fall TV Shows

During the summer is when I like to binge watch shows that I haven’t viewed yet from the previous new season or to refresh the show just before a new season begins. As summer ends, we prepare for back to school and our regular scheduled Fall TV season. Here is a list of some new and returning shows and when to watch. 2018 Fall TV Season – When to Watch Returning Shows August Jack Ryan (Prime) Aug. 31 at 12 am Ozark (Netflix) Aug. 31 at 12 am September Shameless (Showcase) … Continue reading

Sweet and Savoury Cornmeal Waffles

Cornmeal Waffles

Back to School is only a week away. We want our kids to go to school with full bellies to make the best of their day. Mornings around here can be a struggle. mostly for getting my daughter to eat something before school. No one at my house really likes to eat first thing.  On a positive note, she will try a tiny piece of something before she says no. She loves waffles, so I decided to try and create cornmeal waffles and hope the texture works for her. It didn’t but … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Apple Compote

Quick and Easy Apple Compote

There are many weekends when our breakfast is either pancakes or waffles. Something quick and easy that everyone enjoys. When I have either of these items, I like to have more than just syrup on them. I had a bag of apples so I decided that a quick and easy apple compote that would be perfect to add on top. Quick and Easy Apple Compote I washed a couple of apples and pulled out my apple cutter. My husband peeled and diced the apples once I cut the apples up. … Continue reading

Mermaid Birthday Theme on a Budget under $100

Mermaid Birthday Theme

Birthday parties don’t have to cost a fortune. You can throw a great party on a $100 or less budget. With only 3 weeks until my daughter’s 8th birthday, she decided she wanted a party. We haven’t had a party for her in about 3 years. During the summer many families are busy or away on vacation so no one ever showed up or even RSVP’d. We needed to plan a last minute party and it had to be budget friendly since it wasn’t a planned event. Below see how we … Continue reading

Raising Girls Who Love Themselves – Be Self Confident

raising girls who love themselves

Self-confidence and self-esteem are often difficult for girls. Not just in terms of body image, but just having a girl learn to love everything about herself, including her intelligence, her creativity, and the special skills she has. Here are some ways of raising girls who love themselves. Raising Girls Who Love Themselves Show That You Accept Yourself How You Are One thing all girls have in common is that they look up to their mothers. If you want your daughter to love herself, you need to show that you love yourself … Continue reading

Family Traditions Continue at The CNE 2018

Family Traditions

On August 17th, 2018,  The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE ) returns for another year. We are excited to continue our family traditions by visiting. So many memories are made and it is part of the summer vacation that our daughter enjoys the best. There are certain things that just have to be done together that create family traditions. Last July Canada celebrated its 150th Birthday. The Canadian National Exhibition continued the celebrations. Various exhibits and signs highlighted Canadian history and all that is loved and cherished in our country. Visiting … Continue reading