Royal Pains

A Few years ago we started watching Royal Pains, but stopped for a while back. We recently picked up watching the show again and have finally caught up to the current season, which is 8.

Have you ever wished that the your Doctor would come to you, wherever you may be. Well on Royal Pains if you are living in The Hampton’s, chances are you have been visited by HankMed, a concierge doctor service, who come to you, whether it be at your home, the beach, an event or even a restaurant.

Royal Pains

Royal Pains is a medical comedy drama based in The Hampton’s and is partly based on an actual concierge service to the rich and famous vacationing or living within the areas. It’s your typical Doctor drama, without the continuous hospital scenes.

Hank Lawson was an ER doctor until the death of a Trustee, he was blamed for the death and fired. One night Hank ends up in the Hampton’s at a party with his brother, Evan Lawson, an accountant and saves a life at the party. They meet Boris, and he offers Hank the job of being his private concierge Doctor and for the locals in the community.

HankMed is a “Family” business, with Hank as the Doctor and Evan as he self appointed CFO. Evan has some pretty quirky and unconventional ways of obtaining business, much to Hanks dismay, most times. Divya Katdare is hired as the Physician assistant, with a few new Doctors through out the 8 seasons. There have been many different characters show up in the Hampton’s, as patients or recurring roles, like Henry Winkler, who shows up from time to time as the get rich quick scheming father, Eddie Lawson.

Royal Pains -Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle is the main location of Royal Pains, featuring many scenes with Hank, Evan and Boris, who owns the property.

The castle was built between 1914-1919 and is the second largest home in the United States. The castle is now a historical hotel that offers many different venues, including tours, movie sets, weddings and of course a section is used for over night guests.

I would love to be a guest for a night at this Historical Hotel and Estate, located along the North Shores of Long Island in Huntington, New York. I have to remember it serves to the rich and famous, which I am not, so it may be sometime in the future that I visit. The lowest rate being $395/night and for an Ultimate romantic getaway for 2 being the most expensive at $15,000, however it includes many great luxuries including a gift from Tiffany’s and a limousine ride within all 5 Boroughs and Long Island. Doesn’t that sound fab? One day I will be there!

Watching Royal Pains has intrigued me. I want to take a vacation on Long Island and visit the sites.

Have you checked it out yet? I would definitely recommend adding this show to your list of shows to watch. You can catch it on Netflix.

This is not a sponsored post, just me sharing a great show with all of you!

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