Pick Your Own Berries – Where to Pick Berries near Toronto

As a young girl, I remember going berry and apple picking. There were many farms that you would pass by that would say Pick your own Berries. We would get excited when we would stop at one on an outing. I want my daughter to enjoy this experience as much as I did.

Whether you are looking for a fun adventure or are looking to do some canning, there is a farm near you that will provide you with an abundance.

Pick Your Own Berries

Pick Your Own Berries

Downey’s Farm Market – Brampton

Season: Strawberry picking starts towards the end of June.

Andrew’s Scenic Acres – Milton/Halton Hills

Season: Pick-your-own season begins in May and strawberries from mid-June.

Brooks Farm – Mount Albert

This is the farm I will be heading to in July for the Saskatoon Berries. I will finally get to try them.

Season: Strawberries from mid-June to mid-July, raspberries from the beginning of July, Saskatoon berries start at the beginning of July, gooseberries from mid-July.

Barrie Hill Farms – Barrie

Season: Strawberries can be harvested in late June until mid-July. Raspberries being in early July, and blueberries begin to ripen mid-July.

Lindley’s Farm and Market – Ancaster

Season: Strawberry picking starts towards the end of June.

Tips for Berry Picking

If you plan on heading out berry picking, make sure to check the locations. Weather plays a big part in harvesting.

Bring your own containers: Most farms don’t supply baskets. Some farms sell them for a cheaper price. Don’t overfill or push down on berries.

When we head out we plan on getting enough berries for the freezer, to make desserts and to try out canning for throughout the year.

Check out this Blueberry Bundt Cake recipe or Blueberry Cheesecake recipe and just swap the berries out for whatever is available,

Do you go berry picking with your family?


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