Haunted Ontario – Spooked by Ghosts


Halloween is just around the corner, what would be more fun than checking out a real haunted house or building near you in Haunted Ontario spots. Have you ever seen a ghost or visited a place that is known to have ghosts or spirits? While I haven’t been to any spooky places, I have heard ghosts, whispering in the night, at a house that I was told had spirits. While I was a bit skeptical about sleeping in a house that possibly has some sort of spirit floating around, never … Continue reading

Halloween Web Wreath

Web Wreath

This Halloween I decided to go with a spider theme, not sure why, since I don’t like spiders. When there are spiders, there are usually webs. Deciding to make a web wreath to go with the spiders created last week, was the perfect choice. I have a bin full of yarn and a cupboard full of supplies that I want to use up before replenishing my supplies. I have decided to begin some weekly projects, to do just that, starting with the yarn. Oh and I volunteered my husband to … Continue reading



Each year on October 31, we dress up as superheroes, ghosts, witches or wizards and head out the door collecting candies. As a child, we would go to parties, bob for apples, carve pumpkins and tell scary stories. It was a night to scare people with Halloween scenes throughout the yards in the neighbourhood, with the possibility of someone jumping out to frighten us as we walked by. Now as an adult, I share the Halloween traditions with my daughter. She has been trick or treating since she was one, … Continue reading