The Empowered Child vs The Entitled Child -Leadership Equals Results

The Empowered child vs the Entitled Child. What kind of child do you want to raise? Leadership skills determine the results. Raising children is not an easy part of life, each day is a new learning experience. As parents, we set the examples and must follow through for the outcome you want in your child’s behaviour.

If you have an empowered child, they will be independent, have goals and enthusiasm to enjoy life. Entitles children will be dependent on you for every need and want becoming bossy and unhappy at times.

the empowered child vs the entitled child

Tips for The Empowered Child vs The Entitled Child

Give children what they need and not what they want

If we flood our children with gifts every time they ask, the become entitled and eventually will demand things. More is less and the gift is more appreciative.

Being Respectful and not Disparage

Don’t allow your child to put you down. (it goes both ways) Don’t allow your child to push you around, they will have less self-respect and unhappy peer relations. Give respect to get respect.

Independent Play

Encourage independent play and allow them to do things for themselves, the will be more self-reliant.

The Unpopular parent

If you want the respect of your child, have a backbone. Don’t give in to the crying and tantrums. Stick to your rules, giving in will only set the stage for getting what they want for bad behaviour.

The Empowered Child vs The Entitled Child

Ther are rules for our daughter, she doesn’t get what she wants. We allow her to make her own choices when it comes to her hair and clothes, it is her body her choice, within reason of course.  No showering her with gifts. There aren’t piles of gifts at birthdays and Christmas, she is given what she needs. I don’t have space for extra toys that will be played with a few times.

My daughter knows that if she cries to get what she wants, not only will she not get it, but there are consequences for the choices she makes. Don’t give in to those tantrums, stand your ground.

Are you raising an empowered or entitled child?

This post is based on my own individual opinion and observations.


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  1. Darlene W says:

    Right on, mama bear

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