Childhood Fears Can Become Adult Fears

childhood fears

Childhood fears can start early in life. It’s normal to be afraid of noises, monsters, or just being alone in our rooms. It is a natural part of childhood and development. These fears help a child prepare for more distressful and discomforting challenges later in life. Having fears can leave a child or an adult feeling anxious. The first time you leave your child in the hands of another caregiver, while you head out for work or an evening out, your child cries, that is the fear of being left. … Continue reading

Yes, I am older, but No, I am not her Gramma!!

I am not her Gramma

Yes, I am older, but No, I am not her Gramma!! There have been many times we have been out and about with our daughter and someone always mentions the word Gramma, while I could be a Gramma at my age, I am not. Please don’t assume that I am. Before I can say anything, my daughter pipes in and says, “that’s not Gramma, that’s mama! I just smile and say, yes, I am her mama. Other times she will get a bit upset and explain that Gramma is in … Continue reading

Sensitive to Scents


Being sensitive to scents is hard on a person, everywhere you go, there is some sort of odour causing health issues. While the sensitivity may be less in some, those with breathing issues, such as Asthma or certain allergies may be severe. The severity in each individual will vary, it could be mild or may severely affect someones ability to do certain activities. Are you sensitive to scents? Have you ever been out on the bus or in the grocery store, when all of a sudden you get a smell … Continue reading

Rocky Road Cheesecake

Rocky Road Cheesecake

I can’t remember when I first tried cheesecake but when I did I fell in love. All the recipes I ever seen called for putting it in the oven and baking it. To me that was just way to long to wait, but one day I will bake a cheesecake. I wI anted a recipe that fairly quick and easy, then I found one similar to the one below and began making my own creations. I have made this recipe for so long that I no longer need to look … Continue reading

Fall TV Shows – 10 New and Returning Shows

Fall TV Shows

It’s August, the CNE just opened in Toronto. What does that mean to me? Well, summer is almost over, my daughter will be going back to school and of course the Fall TV season is upon us. Get ready to set those PVR’s and check the listings for the new Fall TV Shows. Since our favourite shows ended in the spring, many of us have been waiting for the new lineup of the Fall TV Shows. Here are 10 new and returning shows. Returning Shows Chicago Fire – October 13 … Continue reading

DIY Crafty Birthday Party

DIY Crafty Birthday Party

My daughter’s birthday was this past weekend, I have been planning her party for quite some time. Last year we had a Princess Tea Party, I wanted to do something different. I finally came up with a DIY Crafty Birthday Party. A fun party with different activities for the kids to keep busy with. Over the past month, I had slowly been preparing for the party. I spent hours on Pinterest, pinning to my board Birthday Ideas for Kids. I finally found some DIY projects to create the perfect DIY … Continue reading