Mini Pop Kids 16 Take Flight Tour and CD

Mini Pop Kids Take Flight

On Saturday, April 27, we took our daughter and her friend to see the Mini Pop Kids 16 Take Flight Tour.  What I didn’t tell the girls was that we had VIP passes and they would get to meet the Mini Pop Kids. Mini Pop Kids is the multi-million selling & iTunes children chart topping album series from K-tel. First launched in the 1980’s, the original Minipops featured talented children (between the ages of 9-15) singing pops hits of the day. It went on to sell millions of albums in Australia, … Continue reading

Disco Music of the 70s

Disco Music

Growing up in the 1970’s wasn’t really that much different than it is today. We all listened to music, whether it be rock, folk or disco music. I have been listening to a variety of music and bands since I was young. If it had a good beat, I was probably listening to it. When I listened to music it was usually on my little radio, a Realistic from Radio Shack or my portable record  (LP) player. I had a variety records that I would play. One of my favourite shows … Continue reading

Q-107 Toronto’s Rock since May 1977


When I was about 8 years old, I remember listening to the radio on my parent’s hi-fi. (an all one stereo that played record (LP) and 8 tracks.) One day I was bored with the AM stations and decided to see what FM was all about. I moved the dial around until I found music and when the music stopped, I heard the station’s name; Q-107 Toronto’s Rock, and I have been listening ever since. While Q-107 is my most tuned in radio station, I do occasionally like to switch it up a … Continue reading

Female Musicians – Mama Bears Top 25

female musicians

When I was about 9 years old I heard Bonnie Tyler singing It’s a Heartache on the the radio. I am sure I had no idea at the time what the song was about nor did I probably care, it sounded good and her voice was just amazing. Since that time I have been following many female musicians.

Music Through the Years

Music Through the years

Music through the years has changed, but I have always listened to the same music. Listening to music takes me to different places in time, where I first heard a certain song, who introduced me to certain bands and of course the types of music I listen too. I was brought up listening to all music, and enjoy all types. I do have favourite songs or groups but when I listen to music it always seems to be the same. I started with of course the good old radio stations, … Continue reading