Potty Training – Let’s Try again

Back in January I first wrote about potty training my daughter. I really wanted her to be trained by the time she was 3. Today is her birthday, we are not fully potty trained but a much better start then before. I continued to try but didn’t force it, with my child and I am sure others, you can’t force something they do not want to do. We had talks why it would be good to go on the potty, I tried bribing her with lollipops and other favourite candies … Continue reading

Receipt Hog App -Snap Receipts and Earn Rewards

Receipt Hog – Snap Receipts. Earn Cash Available on both iOS & Android Unlike other shopping apps, Receipt Hog doesn’t force you to pick a specific product, store, or offer. You earn rewards for grocery shopping wherever you want, for whatever you want! Our process is as quick & simple as snapping a picture of a grocery receipt; there’s no need to collect, mail, or scan anything. We know that our users are busy, so we’ve built the easiest and fastest interface to snap both short & long receipts. There’s … Continue reading

Keeping Glasses on An Infant

If you read my post Yes, My Child Wears Glasses, then you are aware that my daughter has been wearing glasses since the age of 1. During the summer before she had her glasses, we decided to get sunglasses for eye protection from the sun. The sunglasses stayed on her face for less then a minute. Knowing how she felt about having the sunglasses on, how were we to keep regular eye glasses on. The task of keeping glsses on an infant was going to be difficult. I know when … Continue reading

Canadian Stars – Hollywood Walk of Fame

When you are in Hollywood, you don’t really think “Canadian”, so when your following the stars on Hollywood Blvd. don’t be shocked when you see Canadian Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame Here are just a few of the Canadian Stars on my travels. Famous for Family Ties and Back to the Future from Edmonton, Alberta. An actor. comedian and screenwriter from Scarborough. We all remember him in Wayne’s World and of course the voice of Shrek. A Canadian Rock band from Toronto. Getty Lee went to school not to … Continue reading