Rocky Road Cheesecake

Rocky Road Cheesecake

I can’t remember when I first tried cheesecake but when I did I fell in love. All the recipes I ever seen called for putting it in the oven and baking it. To me that was just way to long to wait, but one day I will bake a cheesecake. I wI anted a recipe that fairly quick and easy, then I found one similar to the one below and began making my own creations. I have made this recipe for so long that I no longer need to look … Continue reading

Back Bacon and Egg Bake

When you are looking for something a little bit different for breakfast, but still want bacon and eggs, try the Back Bacon and Egg Bake, a breakfast casserole that is easy to make for a family meal or a gathering for brunch. You can prepare it the night before to save time or begin fresh the day you plan to have eat the casserole. Bacon and Egg Casserole

Homemade Chocolate Brownies – Super Moist

Homemade brownies

I was craving chocolate last night and didn’t feel like heading out to the store since I always have the baking essentials in my cupboards I decided that I would bake something delicious. I decided to make homemade chocolate brownies. My preference for desserts is making them at home. I had never made brownies, other than from a box. It couldn’t be that much different than a chocolate cake, right? Well, it was just as easy and less work. Homemade Chocolate Brownies Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line an 8×8 or … Continue reading

Tea Biscuits – The Anytime Rolled Biscuit

Tea Biscuits

Tea Biscuits is a night time snack I use to share with my dad when he was alive. He would sit in the kitchen while I made them. Most times I made them from a boxed biscuit mix, however, I prefer to make them myself.  Below is the recipe I have used for years. My dad liked to have his with a slice of cheddar cheese on top, where I liked to cut mine open and put some butter and some jam. We would sit down at the kitchen table and … Continue reading

Lemon Cinnamon Loaf – Cake Mix Recipe

Lemon Cinnamon Loaf

I like to bake but not always from scratch. Who has the time? If I am going to bake from scratch I usually set a day aside to do so. When I go shopping, I tend to pick up cake mixes when they are on sale. I usually have 3 or 4 boxes in the cupboard at one time. I rarely follow the recipe on the box unless we want cake or cupcakes. I like to create something quick and easy for a snack. I normally don’t buy Lemon cake … Continue reading

Maple Garlic Chicken Wings

Maple Garlic Chicken Wings

Move over Honey Garlic, Hello Maple Garlic Chicken Wings When I eat wings I like them to be sweet although every once in awhile I will spice them up a bit. I am Canadian and what better way to sweeten up chicken wings then by adding maple syrup. Here is the recipe I created. Chicken wings in a maple garlic sauce