Dreams and Sleep Patterns

Everyone dreams, every night, whether we remember dreaming or not. We spend a third of our lives asleep in a silent nocturnal cycle!

Dreams and Sleep Patterns

Each night when we are sleeping our bodies don’t just lie there, we go through cycles of light and deep sleep approximatley every 90 minutes.The pattern is repeated about 4-6 times each night, depending on the amount of time that we have slept.

Our bodies move between NREM (non rapid eye movement) and REM (rapid eye movement). We start with NREM and go through four stages before entering into REM.

The 4 Stages of NREM Sleep

Stage 1 happens as are bodies drift off to sleep are muscles become relaxed, are breathing slows and temperature and blood pressure decreases. This is a light sleep and we are easily awakened from this.

Stage 2 happens when you have made it through stage 1 and we fall into a deeper sleep. In this stage we are know to sleepwalk or talk in our sleep.

Stage 3 You body lands in the deep sleep, and is hard to be awakened from. Electrical activity emerges into the brain at this time.

Stage 4 you are sound asleep, all body functions are slowed right down at this point. Difficulty in being awakened.

REM Sleep

REM comes when we have been asleep for about 90 minutes. We begin to go back in stages, visiting stage 3 and 2. Your eyes begin to move rapidly. This is the time when most dreams occur. Brain waves are similar to those of being awake
and concentrating on something. In sleep it is possibly a dream we are focusing on.

In this stage our heart rate, breathing, temperatures increase and oxygen to your brain multiplies. Your body will go through sleep paralysis where all muscles except eye muscles are paralyzed. This does not always occur if you have a sleep disorder allowing for some to walk in their sleep.

During the night most of our sleep comes during Stage 4. The stage that is believed to give us the best night sleep. If we do not get enough sleep during this stage, we will wake feeling tired. The time spent in stage 3 and 4 will decrease and give you more time in REM sleep.

Morning dreams seem more real last longer then from ones earlier on in the night. Each time you return to REM sleep, it will last longer. After a good night of sleep REM dreams last from 20- 40 minutes.

When we begin to wake, we get the same feeling of Stage 1, you may experience pressure or the feeling of drowning or waking up to the feeling your falling. This just means your mind is awake before the body. Don’t panic, just let you body wake and you will begin to move.

Many don’t recall these instances and wake without incidence. For those who do remember it may be a bit scary, but remember that it is a natural part of the sleep cycle.

Many new parents become sleep deprived and are then faced with REM deprived sleep and will probably not dream. Our sleep is disrupted by the cries of a baby. Leaving us feeling tired, frustrated, memory loss and difficulty concentrating with only NREM sleep.

When we return to REM sleep, we will probably stay in REM sleep longer to make up for lost sleep.

There are no real reasons as to why a person Dreams, but many say it is to help the body with the 3 R’s. resting, repairing and rejuvenation. Some say it is to re examine the days events, reduce stress and provides for an outlet of emotional release.

What ever the reason may be, Dreams are important for maintaining our physical and mental health.

Are you sleep deprived and have no dreams or are you the lucky one who remembers the dream after a good nights sleep?

Have you ever wondered what your Dream means? Come back for Dream Interpretation. Find out what some of the meanings behind your dreams are. Until then, keep dreaming!!

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5 Responses to Dreams and Sleep Patterns

  1. Randa @ TBK says:

    I haven’t been sleeping as well I wish, but I’m also adjusting my body to get up a lot earlier as well for a trip to the east in a few days. Hopefully I can get back on track soon.
    Randa @ TBK recently posted…Customize Your KitchenAid Mixer Using Image Transfer MediumMy Profile

  2. Bonnie Way says:

    Sleep is a constant struggle for me since becoming a mom… my sleep is interrupted regularly (our girls don’t sleep through the night until about two) and lack of sleep affects my mood pretty quickly. It’s getting a bit better but I really have to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable time. I do remember waking up from dreams this morning but now can’t remember what they were!!! 🙂
    Bonnie Way recently posted…Winter Skin Care with Shoppers Drug MartMy Profile

  3. Stephanie Keeping says:

    I go back and forth, but I would say more often than not I am sleep deprived.

  4. Jenn says:

    Interesting post! I knew about NREM and REM but never imagined that we catch up on REM when it becomes available! Very cool! DH lack REM sleep. He is constantly up and we are currently searching for a sleep solution!
    Jenn recently posted…Learning through technology with the InnoTab MAX #reviewMy Profile

  5. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    This brought memories back from high school reading this I loved learning about sleep patterns.

    I find I struggle in the sleep department as I always feel like I never have enough hours in my day to get things done so the thing that struggles is my sleep.

    I cant wait to learn about interrupting dreams hubby and I often dream and struggle to figure out exactly what it is. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to learning more.

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