Tree Picture Wall -Wordless Wednesday

Tree Picture Wall

I have wanted to display our pictures for sometime. I have seen many pictures of decal trees on walls and kind of liked the idea. My hubby penciled on the tree and we all took part in painting to create our tree picture wall. Do you have a picture wall? Our wall of pictures is not yet complete, we will be adding a few more pictures and then move on to the next wall as we make more memories to display. What do you do with your pictures?

Tangerine Bank – Empowering Canadians #brightwayforward

Tangerine Bank

Last week I was invited to attend the Community Gym event, hosted by Tangerine Bank at the YMCA in downtown Toronto. Although my daughter was a bit young to attend, she would have loved to been there to share her love for basketball with the other kids that were there.

Indoor Lifestyle – Royal Canin #WhatsYourPetsLifestyle

Royal Canin Indoor Dog

What’s your pets lifestyle? Is your dog and Indoor or outdoor pet? The lifestyle I live, determines the lifestyle my dog lives. I spend most of my time indoors during the winter and in the warmer weather, I am outside. My dog spends most of her time indoors, she likes to nap, or stays home when we are gone for the day, which means my dog has an Indoor Lifestyle. She goes outside a few times a day to go the bathroom or occasionally I bring her for a walk … Continue reading

Homemade Chocolate Brownies – Super Moist

Homemade brownies

I was craving chocolate last night and didn’t feel like heading out to the store since I always have the baking essentials in my cupboards I decided that I would bake something delicious. I decided to make homemade chocolate brownies. My preference for desserts is making them at home. I had never made brownies, other than from a box. It couldn’t be that much different than a chocolate cake, right? Well, it was just as easy and less work. Homemade Chocolate Brownies Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line an 8×8 or … Continue reading

Pest Repelling Plants

pest repelling plants

Spending time outdoors in the nice weather, is a favourite thing to do, however, with that comes those buzzing and biting insects. If you have ever been sitting out in the garden or on the patio, you have probably been bitten once or twice many times by mosquitos, then spend days itching those bites. There are so many different ways to repel these insects but why use chemicals and sprays when you can grow our own, pest repelling plants and oil using the leaves and stems. Not only do some … Continue reading

Tea Biscuits – The Anytime Rolled Biscuit

Tea Biscuits

Tea Biscuits is a night time snack I use to share with my dad when he was alive. He would sit in the kitchen while I made them. Most times I made them from a boxed biscuit mix, however, I prefer to make them myself.  Below is the recipe I have used for years. My dad liked to have his with a slice of cheddar cheese on top, where I liked to cut mine open and put some butter and some jam. We would sit down at the kitchen table and … Continue reading