7 Gifts for Girls – 6-8 Year-Olds

Finding gifts for girls can be a bit tricky once they reach a certain age. What is age appropriate, is she going to outgrow them?

My daughter’s Birthday is less than a month away. I am trying to find her the perfect gift. She has her favourite toys but she is getting older and is beginning to outgrow some of those ones. It is time to find some toys for her to grow with. I have listened to my daughter tell me over and over what she wants for Christmas and I even have a list. Wait, what? Birthday first please then we can work on Christmas.

The ideas come from my daughter and the unboxing videos that she watches on YouTube. She made me a list of toys that she thinks will be the best gifts ever. Since we will be on vacation during her birthday, we will be giving her 2 gifts along with the adventures we have at the beach.

Gift Ideas for Girls

DreamWorks Trolls

Gift Ideas for 7 year old girls

Trolls have become an obsession with our daughter. She has watched the movie many times and loves to listen to the soundtrack. I am hoping to make her a cupcake Troll birthday cake.  I like the Troll dolls, so I know it won’t be something she will forget about too soon.


My daughter began mentioning these after Christmas, which is good because they were out of stock everywhere.  We recently just bought her some Colleggtibles and we can’t wait to surprise her with another.

You can find these at a variety of different stores, however, I found the lowest price of $79.99 at Walmart.

After 3 years of having a bicycle, our daughter has finally figured it out. The only problem is now she is too tall for the current one.

Telescope –

Can found on Amazon for $54.99 – the cheapest one we found so far.

When it comes to the stars and planets, my daughter is full of questions. While she does know quite abit about the planets, she wants to be able to look up at the sky and see them close up. This is a gift we could all make good use of.

Crafty Gifts

We are a family who loves to create. While out shopping the other day I came across the perfect gift ideas for 7-year-old girls or boys that would keep us all busy during a family craft night.

The gifts ideas below were found at Walmart and are all under $10.

Making jewellery is something that I do in my spare time and my daughter loves to help. These ones are more her style.

We have a fairy garden on the balcony that my daughter is always trying to get her hands on. This would give her own to do with as she pleases. Yes, I am very particular when it comes to my garden.

Is your child obsessed with makeup or lip balm? My daughter loves lip balm and is always putting in on. I think she likes the taste. This will probably be one of the 2 gifts we get her for her birthday.

Gifts for Girls

Suncatchers are perfect for adding a touch of colour to the windows.

We really like the idea of the craft projects and it will keep the kids busy for hours. They are practical and can be used to create gifts for friends or teachers.

What are your kid’s asking for these days?

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  1. Julie Nelson says:

    Hey Tammy, I also have a daughter and it’s really very difficult for one to search toys for kids especially when it comes to girls. I wanted to gift her something on her birthday but I was very much confused. Although she has every girlish stuff already in her room but I wanted to surprise her by something new and unique. Your blog helped me a lot for new and innovative ideas to get awesome toys for girls.Thanks a lot for your unconditional help, I really appreciate it!!!!!

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