$25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway CAN only

Since moving into our new apartment, I find myself at Walmart more than I usually would. Why would I do that? Well not only is it 5 minutes away at the mall next to my building but I love to shop at Walmart. I am not particularly fond of the one by me. It doesn’t have the items I need, although it does have some items that I want. I eventually make it to the next closest one. For those who love to shop, what better way to start the … Continue reading

Twisted Tuesdays Weekly Giveaway Linky 8/19

Mama Bears Haven is hosting Twisted Tuesday, a weekly giveaway linky for those looking to win awesome prizes or have your giveaway promoted. If have a giveaway happening, please link up below. If you love to enter contests, this is the place for you. Good Luck and happy entering! ‘); Mama Bears haven is not responsible for the giveaway links above. I am only hosting a linky and promting those that have linked up with Twisted Tuesday.

Explaining Soap Operas to My Hubby

I watch 3 soaps and occasionally my hubby will watch them with me. In the beginning I told him the main families in each of the shows I watched, who was who, who was with who and so on. At first he asked many questions about the shows and characters, then as he watched more he became more familiar with the story lines. Finally we were able to watch a show without so many questions. Even after explaining soap operas to my hubby, he still gets there names and shows … Continue reading

Fall TV Season – What I Choose to Watch

The Fall season is upon us, which means, heading back to school and a new season of shows, new and old. I remember when I had cable I would check out the new lineup for fall to find out what night and times the shows I like to watch were on and hope none were on at the same time. now that I watch everything online, it doesn’t matter, I watch my shows when I want on any day I choose. During the summer months is usually when I start … Continue reading

Days of Our Lives – The Summer of Sami

This is the summer of Sami (Brady), on Days of Our Lives. Alison Sweeney has already departed the show and has moved on to other projects (Directing over at General Hospital). Alison has been on the show since 1993. Since the day we seen Sami sneak back into town as a teenager, she has been giving fans something to talk about. Most fans either love her or hate her. We have watched her grow from a self destructive teenager into a wild and wacky women, scheming and plotting her next … Continue reading