Disney On Ice Presents Dare to Dream


As a child of 5, the most exciting event for me was our trip to Florida to visit Disney World. It was the best trip ever. When my daughter was 18 months old, we went to Disneyland, she was over the moon when she seen Minnie Mouse. Although she was quite young, she still remembers. We are big fans of everything Disney, and we are excited that Disney One Ice presents Dare to Dream is coming to Toronto, this December to The Rogers Centre. Kids grow up fast and there is … Continue reading

Christmas Crafts – 3 in 1 Santa Craft – w/linky


When I go to the dollar store I see so many items that I can create with products they have in the store. Here are a few Christmas crafts I came up with. It is also a great place to pick up crafting supplies and a lower price. Christmas Crafts 3 in 1 Santa Crafts I bought a Santa Bell at the dollar store and was able to make 3 different Christmas crafts. I took the Santa and deconstructed it. I then made it into other projects, a candy tree, … Continue reading

Advent Calendar – DIY


Each year we usually by an Advent Calendar with one of my daughter’s favourite characters on the box.  Each day it is always the same surprise inside, a little tiny piece of chocolate. This year we decided that we would create a DIY calendar and put our own surprises and notes inside and make it a bit more fun. I have bags full of toilet paper rolls and an old picture frame in the closet that I had used for a photo booth for my daughter`s birthday, I decided to use … Continue reading

Persimmon – (Persimon) Exotic Fruit of Spain


I recently had the opportunity to try a fruit I had never heard of until a few weeks ago. Persimmon (Persimon) is a fruit grown in Ribera del Xúquer near Valencia in Spain. A fruit that is ready  to eat, with a sweetness, similar to that of a mango and can be found in grocery stores like Metro, Sobey’s and even Food Basics, but don`t wait to long to try this delicious fruit, it is only around from October until January. I was given a few recipes to give me … Continue reading

Elf On the Shelf – Tales and Ideas


When I was a little girl, I remember having an elf like the Elf on The Shelf. He was in green and we just hung it on or around our tree. There was no nightly mischief, no waking up to the unknown. Last year we decided to start a new tradition with our daughter. At the beginning of December a scout elf from the North Pole appeared in our apartment. When my daughter woke up in the morning and seen the elf, she was so excited, she named her Trixie. … Continue reading

Blood and Oil – TV Show

Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil takes place in North Dakota, where the oil industry is starting to boom. It’s not quite like Dallas, but it’s a slick new show. The series premiered back in September and can be seen on ABC on Sunday nights. Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody move to Rock Springs, North Dakota after the biggest oil discovery in history, where they meet Hap Briggs (Don Johnson), oil tycoon and his family. The Briggs family is well known around town. Carla (Haps 2nd wife, I think) is a socialite and … Continue reading