Fear of Insects and Bugs in Children – How We Deal

Dealing with fears our children may have is a struggle to find solutions. If your child has a fear of insects and bugs, it can be hard to handle. My daughter is afraid of all things creepy and crawly since she was small. The issue started with ants and gradually got worse, flies, moths, spiders. If it crawls or flies, she is scared. I am sure we all have fears we have trouble dealing with. Mine is spiders, snakes and mice. As a parent with fears, I am trying to help … Continue reading

Eye Care – When Your Child’s Specialist Fails Their Eyes

Eye Care

Our daughter was born with a lazy eye, we noticed when she was a few months old. Eye care is very important at any age.  Yes, My Child Wears Glasses is all about how we noticed that my child would one day need to have her vision corrected. Our daughter has been seeing a specialist since she was about a year old. We tried taking her to our Optometrist but she just wouldn’t sit still. The eye tests were different. Not like the exam, she was accustomed too when she … Continue reading

Back to School Preparation Tips


It is that time of year again when summer begins to wind down and we begin to prepare our children for back to school. Not only are we preparing our children, but preparing ourselves for the weeks ahead. Getting reading for back to school isn’t just about buying clothes and supplies but about schedules. During the summer we never followed any schedules unless we had plans for the day. Sleeping in and staying up late occurred often. Well, not for me, I am usually always up early. With only a … Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars -The Mysteries of Rosewood on Netflix

Pretty Little Liars - Netflix

Pretty Little Liars currently on Netflix is a Teen/Young adult drama and book series. The show first aired in June 2008. I had seen it advertised but at the time I was already watching enough shows. I began watching when I was looking for new series to watch on Netflix and became hooked. The show takes place in the quiet town of Rosewood, a town full of secrets, lies and mysteries surrounding 4 teen girls, Hannah, Aria, Spencer and Emily. The story begins when Alison, the queen bee has mysteriously disappeared. The girl’s lives begin … Continue reading

The Empowered Child vs The Entitled Child -Leadership Equals Results

The Empowered Child vs The Entitled Child

The Empowered child vs the Entitled Child. What kind of child do you want to raise? Leadership skills determine the results. Raising children is not an easy part of life, each day is a new learning experience. As parents, we set the examples and must follow through for the outcome you want in your child’s behaviour. If you have an empowered child, they will be independent, have goals and enthusiasm to enjoy life. Entitles children will be dependent on you for every need and want becoming bossy and unhappy at times. … Continue reading

Lime Cream Cheese Crumble Cake

Lime Cream Cheese Crumble Cake

Every once in a while, I have cravings for desserts that don’t include chocolate. This time I wanted to try something a little bit different from what I would normally make. Since I had limes and cream cheese, that’s where I would start. Finally deciding on a Lime Cream Cheese Crumble Cake.   Check out more sweet treats I have created in Recipes