Music Through the Years

Music Through the years

Music through the years has changed, but I have always listened to the same music. Listening to music takes me to different places in time, where I first heard a certain song, who introduced me to certain bands and of course the types of music I listen too. I was brought up listening to all music, and enjoy all types. I do have favourite songs or groups but when I listen to music it always seems to be the same. I started with of course the good old radio stations, … Continue reading

Too Many TV Shows

Too Many TV Shows

What a difference 3 years can make. I have more choices of shows, old and new, I watch when I want and not by a schedule. Since my original post in 2012, we have cut the cable. We now stream online and save tons of money. So the new TV season has begun and my addiction of great shows has returned. Each season I find at least 1 new show if not more to add to my growing list and a few have been removed due to cancellation. Before I … Continue reading

Legoland and Kindergarten Kids


On Wednesday, I volunteered to attend Legoland at Vaughan Mills, with my daughters kindergarten class. My first class trip with my daughter, so I had no idea what to expect. I have wanted to check this place out for some time. I am truly amazed at what cam be made with lego and wanted to see it first hand. I arrived at the school and went to my daughters class and had a seat, clearly not meant for an adult. I was greeted by all the children with ” Hi … Continue reading

Filmed in Canada – TV Shows and Movies

filmed in Canada

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV Show and said “Hey, I know where that is?” I know that I have many times. I do a Google search and sure enough, it is filmed in Canada, either in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and sometimes Montreal, just to name a few.

How Much Sleep Does A Child Require?

When babies are first born, they need to eat at least every 2-3 hours and of course sleep on and of throughout the day so they can grow. Many babies continue this routine until they are at least 6 months, while other babies will sleep through the night. According to others I was lucky enough to have a daughter that started sleeping through the night at the early age of 3 months. The last feeding for the night would be around 9:30-10 at night and then shortly afterwards she would … Continue reading

Top TV Shows – Mama Bear’s List

Top TV shows

All good things must come to an end, whether it is for the season, summer or for good. Summer is almost here, which means, schools almost over,and we prepare our selves for the upcoming season in the sun. As we say good bye to one season, we welcome a new one, but at the same time we also say good bye to the top TV Shows we have watched since the fall. Here is my list of Top TV shows for 2014-2015 season. Top TV Shows The Walking Dead Revenge – series finale … Continue reading